Moving Forward After Knee Replacement Surgery in Hospital

The term suggests knee replacement surgery is an orthopedic procedure that involves removing damaged or diseased portions of the knee and replacing them with artificial components. If you suffer from chronic knee problems that interfere with your quality of life and have not been sufficiently managed through conservative orthopedic treatments, then you might consider having knee replacement surgery at Twin Cities Hospital’s Certified Orthopedic Joint Replacement Program.

Before Leaving the Hospital

Most knee replacement patients stay in the hospital for one to four days. Before you can be safely discharged to return home, you’ll need to attain an acceptable level of pain control and fully understand your discharge instructions. You’ll also work with a physical therapist to regain your ability to get in and out of bed by yourself, walk with an assistive device, climb a few stairs, and take care of basic needs such as eating, drinking, and using the facilities by yourself.

After Your Discharge

Once you return home, it’s important to have a responsible adult stay with you for a while to assist you as you recover. You’ll be given instructions for caring for the incisions, reducing your risk of blood clots, and identifying the warning signs of an infection. Enjoy a healthy diet when you return home, but be mindful of any dietary restrictions such as reducing your intake of vitamin K. Take your medications as prescribed and call your doctor if any issues arise.

Before Resuming Usual Activities

It’s important to stay active after your surgery, but not to overdo it. Someone will need to take you to regular physical therapy appointments. Your physical therapist may instruct you to do some exercises and stretches at home between your appointments. You’ll also have a follow-up visit with your orthopedic physician, who will give you clearance when you can resume your usual activities such as driving, sports, and work.


The Joint Venture Program at Twin Cities Hospital is a Certified Orthopedic Joint Replacement Program that includes extensive preoperative education and discharge planning. Our specialists in orthopedics in Niceville include a multidisciplinary team of orthopedic surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, and case managers to help each patient move forward after orthopedic surgery.