Botox for Square Jaw Treatment

Although authorities differ as to the exact measurements, the aesthetic caused by a square jaw is the result of a certain proportionality and shape of the jaw when compared to the rest of the face. Concerning shape, a harshly angular jawline that creates right angles at the chin, just in front of the neck, and just below the ear is evidence of a square jaw.

This condition is often the result of a pronounced masseter muscle, the muscle that facilitates jaw motion. A square jaw often renders one “chubby” in the face when it is really not fat, but muscular prominence and bone structure that give the appearance.

Botox injection can effectively lessen the prominence of the masseter muscle by weakening it. After the injection, the muscle will decrease in size while still retaining its functional capacity. This encourages a subtle yet noticeable reduction in the appearance of a square jaw; giving the face a sleek, streamlined appearance. The three aforementioned angles in the jaw will be rounded as a result, not banked. As it concerns as the injection site, either side of the jaw will work.

As cosmetic surgery is usually not required, Botox treatment is an appropriate first option in avoiding it. The effects of Botox injections last up to six months, a fitting trial period for anyone concerned with the possible consequences of cosmetic surgery. The muscular atrophy caused as a result of the injections is reversible, should anyone change their mind between injections. From this point, surgery, injections, or no treatment whatsoever are all options. The cost of Botox also offers an incentive, as it is much cheaper than most surgical procedures.

A major surgical procedure in neutralizing a square jaw is jaw implant surgery. A relatively less invasive procedure depending on the amount of work that gets done on the jaw, most of these surgeries are done with moderate anesthesia and an incision made inside the mouth.

Jaw shaving is also a viable yet more invasive option in deterring the square jaw look permanently. This procedure essentially shaves down unsightly protrusions to increase the uniformity and slenderness of the jaw bone, much as Botox injections do.

As much as the face represents personality and inner beauty, any longstanding issues with facial appearance that can be cured should be explored. To do so while avoiding surgery at the low cost of Botox is grounds for celebration, courtesy of Botox.