A Discussion of Three Various Kinds of Heartburn Medications

Once you have your first experience of heartburn, you may think you’re having a heart attack. Regardless of how painful the sensations happen to be, however, they’ve got nothing concerning your heart and everything concerning your stomach.

When stomach acid gathers it is forced back up your esophagus, and it produces heartburn. Therefore, the key to avoiding heartburn would be to keep stomach acid low and flowing how it is supposed to flow. This is not always possible, though, and then you need some form of heartburn medication that will relieve the symptoms and help your whole body get back on the right track.

Kinds of Medications for Heartburn

Many various kinds of medications are used for heartburn, and perhaps they are all effective in their way. You may be most acquainted with antacids, such as Tums, that work to neutralize stomach acid and eradicate the pain. When you keep a bottle of antacids in the house and carry some in your purse or pocket, you’ll be good to go whenever an attack might hit you.

Kind 1: Antacids

Antacids usually work quickly, and taking them as per the instructions on the bottle will most likely eliminate the issue immediately. However, you need to note that not every medication is going to work precisely the same for everyone who takes it.

If antacids alone aren’t doing the trick in your case, you might want to test a proton pump inhibitor (PPI).  It will lower the production of stomach acid there by lessening your likelihood of getting heartburn.

Kind 2: PPI

If you have heard the TV commercials advertising Prevacid, you will know it is a PPI that is prescribed for patients suffering from acid reflux, which is a severe kind of heartburn. This isn’t a suitable medication for everyone who suffers from occasional bouts of heartburn, though, so talk to your physician to see if he feels you will benefit from taking it. It can lead to diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, and nausea in some cases.

Kind 3: Zantac

Yet another form of heartburn medication contains H-2 blockers, such as Zantac, that can be purchased over the counter. These medicines are way less potent than their prescription counterparts, but they may take care of your problem because they do effectively block acid production.


If you have problems with heartburn, even infrequently, you’re sure to desire to find some form of heartburn remedies that will relieve the symptoms and also keep these things from coming to begin with. Speak with your physician about your options, and let him recommend the most effective strategy to suit your needs.