Tips on Preventing Toenail Fungus

Not many people are familiar with the term Onychomycosis but as much as 10% of the world is suffering from this affliction. Onychomycosis is the medical term for toenail fungus. Toenail fungus is a known condition that infects the keratin found on human nails. It is usually found to be either brown or yellow in color. Long ago, the treatment of toenail fungus was very difficult to achieve.

Fortunately with the use of Long Island pinpoint laser treatment methods, healing this condition is no longer difficult. Long Island toenail fungus laser treatment has grown in popularity among dermatologists and doctors; this is because the process is not painful and extremely effective.

However, the laser toenail fungus treatment is only used when an infection has occurred. People are therefore encouraged to prevent these infections from beginning in the first place.

Methods to Save from Toenail Fungus

The following are some of the ways by which these infections can be prevented

Don’t wear humid or sweaty shoes or socks

For an infection to occur, foot pathogens require an environment that is warm or moist. Keeping your feet dry will prevent this. People who exercise regularly are encouraged to take off their foot apparel immediately after they are done.

Invest in some foot powder

Applying foot powder to the feet is an excellent way of keeping the feet and toes of people dry. Applying foot powder helps in absorbing most of the sweat that occurs on the feet.

Avoid sharing your nail clippers with people

Exposing your nails to clippers used by other people will greatly increase the possibility of the individual developing an infection. Now and then the pathogens responsible for foot infections are transferred at the ends of the clipper.

In the same vein, regular visitors of nail salons who make use of unsterilized tools can also suffer from foot infections. The risk of an individual contracting an infection is also more likely if there is a bruise on his/her feet. In this instance, males are found to be more likely to develop an infection.

Wear foot clothing that provides breathing room for your feet

Damp feet are triggered by warm conditions. By wearing socks made out of natural fabric such as cotton, people are able to reduce these conditions. People are also advised to take care of their feet by washing and drying them properly whenever they sweat over them.

Refrain from keeping your nails long

People who keep their nails long are prone to developing infections. This is because long nails can get easily bent when a person’s feet are hit against a hard object. A damaged nail bed increases the possibility of infections growing beneath it. Keeping short and trimmed nails will prevent this.


These are a few tips on how foot infections can be prevented. If people do develop infections or feel pain, they must seek the attention of a physician or dermatologist as early as possible. Doing this will prevent the infections from getting worse. A stitch in time, they say.